Friday, February 15, 2008

For Those Who Mourn

Northern Illinois University is about 30 miles from my home. There are at least several connections within our congregations to NIU, including a few students. We all mourn with the families of those who were affected by yesterday's senseless violence.

From the United Methodist Hymnal, #461

Gracious God,
as your Son wept with Mary and Martha at the tomb of Lazarus,
look with compassion on those who grieve,
especially the families and friends of those who were killed yesterday.
Grant them the assurance of your presence now
and faith in your eternal goodness,
that in them may be fulfilled the promise
that those who mourn shall be comforted;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

And Amen.

What a horrible tragedy.

I guess the whole "I never thought it could happen here" thing is real, because, well, I never thought it could happen here.

Rich Holton said...

It feels different when it happens right in your backyard. On the news today I see that 8 people died in Maryland when an on-the-road drag race went awry. My heart goes out to those families, but it doesn't have the impact that the NIU shootings have on me.

I'm sure there's some insight into human parochialism in that...but right now I just feel stunned and numb.