Wednesday, February 20, 2008

thou hidden source of calm repose

Each day of Lent I am publishing one of Charles Wesley's hymns or poems. In my experience, the selection of Charles Wesley's hymns that we actually use in worship is very small. This is sad, because his hymns are filled with deep theological truths and great beauty.

Use these as a part of your Lenten disciplines, and share any thoughts or reactions in the comments.

Lent Day 13

Thou Hidden Source of Calm Repose
(United Methodist Hymnal #153)

Thou hidden source of calm repose,
thou all-sufficient love divine,
my help and refuge from my foes,
secure I am if thou art mine;
and lo! from sin and grief and shame
I hide me, Jesus, in thy name.

Thy mighty name salvation is,
and keeps my happy soul above,
comfort it brings, and power and peace,
and joy and everlasting love;
to me with thy dear name are given
pardon and holiness and heaven.

Jesus, my all in all thou art,
my rest in toil, my ease in pain,
the healing of my broken heart,
in war my peace, in loss my gain,
my smile beneath the tryrant's frown,
in shame my glory and my crown.

In want my plentiful supply,
in weakness my almighty power,
in bonds my perfect liberty,
my light in Satan's darkest hour,
in grief my joy unspeakable,
my life in death, my heaven in hell.


Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

Rich, I just wanted to say thanks for putting up these Charles Wesley hymns. I have grown more and more attached to his poetry over the years - he really speaks for the way I believe, and I would hope we as a people called Methodist should believe and live.

I love the anecdote the hymnal provides after "Come, Thou Traveler Unknown", how John broke down as he sang it at Charles' funeral. The younger Wesley really does have a power in his words.

Rich Holton said...

Thanks, Geoffrey. Although I seldom comment at your blog, I appreciate it quite a bit. I often wish I could be as outspoken as you are. But my personality and my role prevent me.

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

Outspoken? Nah. Not really.

Truth is, I'm making it up as I go, and I feel I am right as much as I am wrong. I also notice that my audience shrinks and grows over time - an interesting phenomenon, and one that I don't worry about all that much. I'm narcissistic enough, yet also conscious of my narcissism, to admit that, at least over there, it's all about me.

Anyway, I thank you for your kind words.